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    Router? what to look at?

    naumen Level 1



      i need a new Router as my net connection gives me max 250 Mbit/s, but my current router (TP-link TL-WR841N) is just 100 Mbit/s with wired pc connection... so as it turned out i pay extra for 250 but can get only 100.....  , but also i have few pc and as i understand coping info from 1 pc to the other one would be much faster with 1 Gbit/s router


      So router should be :

      -  with wireless option (as i have phone tab, not just few pc)

      -  router with 1 Gbit/s wired speed (Router Lan to PC Lan should be 1 Gbit/s)


      What to look at when choosing one? what brand / model would u recommend?




      (locally we have crazy fast internet its optic connection that goes inside my apartment into optic modem, and from there into the router)