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    How to export individual components as separate createjs files.

    reginald_cbs Level 1

      I'm developing an html5 game using my own createjs suite of libraries and basically only need a text editor and browser for development. Now I need to integrate designs made by someone else who used Adobe Animate CC. The design also contains animations, and when exported to html5 using Adobe Animate CC publisher, looks very similar to this (AdobeAnimateDemo/AnimateGame.js at 367a6798bc9a77e7bc1e7e274df8462106569c83 · CreateJS/AdobeAnimateDemo · GitHub) . As you can see, the converted output combined all individual components into 1 giant javascript file. Most  components are movie clips (i.e Tree, Hero, Tail, Sky, PlayBtn, Enemy).


      My question is,

      1.) Is there a way for the designer to export these layers/movie_clips as multiple standalone javascript files instead of combining them into 1 giant javascript file? This will make it easier for me to navigate and reference these components, and add custom behavior to them.

      2.) Also, I need to be able to add custom behavior to the animations based on my game logic. For example, one of the UI components that I need is the health bar. The bar will increase/decrease based on current health of the player. The UI created by the designer for the health bar is a MovieClip that shows the health bar being animated from 0 health to max health. Whats the best way to integrate this into my existing game logic code? Is it better to work with MovieClip object, or is it better to ask the designer to give me a static health bar UI, and I'll just program the animation of the health bar myself using createjs?