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    Need guidance for which software to get, and how to make them cooperate

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      First of all, I'm working at an institution for higher education, University of Tromsø. I'm not educator and certainly not a student but am I still allowed to go by the Education plan, since I'm after all at work at the educating institution? I insert this question at this forum and also at other fora on this site, in the hope of having a reply on one of them.


      I am into animation and with Fuse CC I can make actors to my liking. But I am not sure of which software in the Adobe family I'll need for making amateur animated 3D movies. If I can get away with it by a cheaper alternative then all the better. For instance Illustrator and Dreamweaver I don't need so why include them in my packet.


      1. Animating movements - to be arranged in the Mixamo studio and then exported to Creative Cloud? But I've saved models into the CC but when I tried to download them to my trialware Photoshop I couldn't...
      2. Facial animations - I dislike stony faces, are emotions to be arranged in the Photoshop? Mixamo used to have a plugin for such use, is it up and active still?
      3. Backgrounds and props - are they downloaded from Adobe Stock into Photoshop? If so, I'll have to get a membership here.
      4. Animation - I have still pictures with inserted actors who are able to do movements, courtesy Photoshop. Now comes animating these - is this where Animate CC comes in?
      5. As for now I use for sound editing the freeware Audacity. So which advantages do Audition offer me - a wealthy library of sound effects and music may be? Or is Audition simply the way of inserting sound in these movies?
      6. Cutting - to make a movie out of many scenes. Is this what After Effect is about, not working at the scenes themselves but joining them together? If more than this, please explain what more.




      Asgaut Bakke