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    Print issue: certain letter of a font prints incorrectly


      I have created a document in InDesign and exported it to PDF. When printing, a certain letter ('m') and number ('2') of a certain font family (Oswald) display incorrectly in the printed document. They do not display incorrectly when the PDF is viewed on a screen; they only display incorrectly when printed. They print incorrectly on multiple pages, and always print incorrectly (there are no instances where the lowercase 'm' or '2' of the Oswald font family prints correctly in the document). No other fonts have issues. When printed, the 'm' and '2' look heavily distorted and pixelated.


      I have tried exporting with a variety of settings (including PDF/X-4:2010 and Acrobat 7 compatibility), tried using a different printer, and tried reinstalling the font. The problem has not gone away.

      What may be the issue, and how might I solve it?