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    I cannot buy images beyond my Creative Cloud membership ration

    SasserCreative Level 1

      Every month I enjoy the 10 images I get with my Creative Cloud/Stock combo. Of course, every month I use them all and buy whatever else I need for $2.99 each. Well, I got an error when I tried to buy my first image and found that my card was expired (I had gotten a new one in and hadn't updated the expy date). So I fixed that, and … no luck still. So I logged out and back in again… "Payment error There is a problem with your payment. Please try again later or contact Adobe tech support." I changed to another card. Same problem. I waited until the next day. Same thing. I contacted support, and they said try another browser. Same problem. Then erase cache, cookies, history, etc. … same problem. That was chat support, so I tried phone support. They said something to the effect of there being a migration going on causing some problems with payments. They said 24-48 hours. I actually got a call once the problem was supposedly fixed. I was out and about, so when I got back to my desk… same problem. Phone support again, wait 24-48 hours again… wh I am now more than a week into this, and the same problem is still going on. My account gets pinged for authorizations, but the payment never goes through. The THREE different payment methods I ended up trying all had plenty of money (after all, I was only trying to spend $2.99 initially). Yet nothing has changed. Am I the only one dealing with this? Support seems to be clueless. My client is getting impatient, and I literally have four brochures designs on hold in addition to the one project that has sat approved for almost a week.  I have spent well over an hour on phone support, who knows how much on chat support, and guess what? Today they suggested waiting 24-48 hours. Does anyone else have the same problem happening?