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    Audio/Video delays on imported video in Adobe Premiere Elements 14?

    Open House Asylum

      I am new to editing videos, and am having issues with certain imported videos. I use a program called Bandicam to record the game audio/video which creates high quality mp4s. When I import them into Adobe however there begin to be delays between the audio and the video that seem to increase in distance with each passing second.

      My recorded video specs for bandicam are are:


      Data rate: 47375kbps

      Total bitrate: 47375kbps

      Frame rate: 29 frames/second



      Bit rate: 195kbps

      Channels: 2(stereo)

      Audio sample rate: 48 KHZ


      As far as adobe is concerned I have not messed with any of the presets.


      Does anyone know where these delays are coming from and how I can fix them?