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    Publishing RoboHelp via WebHelp Pro


      Does anybody know how I can publish my help guide using WebHelp Pro.

      I am selecting WebHelp Pro, choosing my Output file to a internal server E.g.O:\!SSL!\!SSL!\WEBHELP_PRO
      Choosing Next then have the URL set up, I choose finish and receive the success message;
      'Webhelp Pro (Webhelp Pro) was built successfully.

      If I choose Publish no error occurs. I then select my web page to view and the page cannot be dipslayed.
      If I go through the process again and instead of Publish select View result I receive a message;
      The following items cannot be viewed using Preview.
      To test all functionality publish your project to the RoboEngine.

      Please help, I have gone from a working support system to being unable to publish support documentation for our team.