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    Flex/AIR Bugs


      Three bugs of note:


      Flex 4.15 / AIR 20 -- I get a NullPointerException on the ADT command to build & deploy to the iOS Simulator.

      Work-around: Use Flex 4.15 / AIR 21 instead


      Flex 4.15 / AIR 21 / Xcode 7.3 / iOS 9.3 -- I get a "Failed to make staged container live" error when deploying to the iOS Simulator if it is already open.

      Work-around: Close the iOS Simulator first.

      I don't know of these are AIR SDK (Adobe) bugs or Flex SDK (Apache) bugs.


      I got a similar issue to the second bug with Adobe Flash CC 2015 (it would error but open in the iOS Simulator anyway.. but only if the Simulator was already open).

      Work-around: use Adobe Animate CC instead.