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    Pen Driver Issues


      Hello there - I have used Adobe Flash Professional for two years and I am just getting to know Adobe Animate CC on a separate computer. A while ago I bought a Bamboo Wacom tablet (CTH-670) and it does not work at all, does not respond, because there is not a pen driver installed. I have looked at Wacom's website and it gives me many options for pen drivers to install, however, I have no idea of which one to install. I tried going to my old laptop and viewing the pen driver there but I cannot find any pen driver and there was a Bamboo tablet section in my laptop's control panel but when I tried clicking on it, it gave me the error message that it couldn't find a tablet. After I plugged in the tablet, this window popped up, giving me all the tablet's settings, along with the pen's settings (the pen that came with the tablet). I assumed that this section in the control panel must be the pen driver. I searched online how to download Wacom for free (because I'm switching from one laptop to another) and it doesn't give me any help and does nothing but take me right back to Wacom's website to install a pen driver off their long list.


      Can anyone help me with this issue? I will gladly appreciate it. Thank you.