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    Make words as web links in a text member

      Ok here's the deal :

      I have a MIAW which provides comments and suggestions as my movie goes along. It's a windows with mostly just text in it, which I control via a script that looks like this :

      on beginsprite
      case (the frame) of
      member("texte").text = "blablabla"
      member("texte").text = "ttttt"
      end case

      You get the idea... Anyways, I'd like to make some web adress show as web links in my text, but I can't. Is there some way to do it?
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          I assume you know about the manual author mode hyperlink mechanism setup
          by entering a link in the text inspector 'chain link' entry field. One
          has to setup a lingo handler for the hyperlink clicked event.

          It would appear one could set the hyperlinks of a text member on the fly
          with lingo, though i could get a litle hairy.

          The easiest thing to do by far is to have all the texts predefined in a
          serie of text member with links in place, changing the text member
          assigned a sprite, rather than changing the content of a single text