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    LR6 / win: Missing previews after copy of settings (ctrl+shift+v)


      Hi @all!


      After a long shoot I try to copy a lot of settings using ctrl+shift+c and paste them to a lot of other images using ctrl+shift+v... If I go through all images in one folder after completion I realize that it takes A LOT of time to show the edited images... I guess that the previews were not created and need to be calculated if I view the images in full screen...


      Performance issues of the system are not likeliy due to an actual core i7, fast graphics card, 16 gb ram and all images and the catalog lying on (two different internal) ssds...


      Is there perhaps a way to either


      1) turn on a hidden feature that my previews (1:1 in best case) are kept up to date or

      2) to find all images with missing (or outdated) previews so I can turn on preview generation by hand after editing all images in a folder..?


      Any help relly appreciated caus that's really annoying due to a very fast equipment and optimized workflow...


      The worst solution would be to recreate EVERY preview after finishing a folder... But that would really be embarrassing for a tool like lightroom...


      Thanks in advance!