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    InDesign CC 2015 MSWord import (or rather non-import)

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      After a long gap – í used CS2 many moons ago – I recently took out a subscription to InDesign CC 2015. I am using a Mac OS 10.10.5.


      A very basic error message I get when trying to place text from a .docx file – ‘Cannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation.’

      The strange thing is that I can open any number of .docx files without any problem, but the one specific one I need to open steadfastly refuses to co-operate.

      This leads me to believe that it is something specific within this file causing the problem. It is quite a large file with hundreds of hyperlinks, ±60 embedded graphics, some tables. etc.

      Anyone had similar experiences and any possible solutions. I have saved the file in RTF and that does import without the filter error message.

      Any thoughts gratefully received.