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    Hi, I'm new to animate so please be patient if this is a silly question. Having trouble with getting the "play once" looping option in the properties panel to work.


      Hi everyone,


      I created a graphic symbol, then a short test animation and then selected the symbol on the stage (this did not bring up the looping option for me in the properties panel initially), when I selected the last key frame of the animation in question then selected the symbol on the stage I was only then able to access the looping drop down menu in the properties panel. However after selecting "play once" and testing the animation it continued to loop.


      Tried to enter the symbol (in isolation -sorry not sure of the exact terminology) and created the animation there, then exited isolation and made sure the animation had enough frames on the main timeline and tried again and still had it looping non-stop.


      I have used the stop(); action on a movie clip before which worked fine but that was a very basic animation; this one requires multiple objects moving and stopping at different times and I found that the stop action pauses the entire animation at that point.


      So I have 2 questions:

      How do I use the "play once" function so that it works because that seems like the simplest option for what I want to achieve.


      Or how do I effectively use code to stop and start the animation when I need it to?


      Thanx in advance for your help!