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    x and y coordinates are the same, objects appear not to be

    Anoeek Level 1

      I couldn't find an answer to this, mainly because I don't really know how what the problem is, or how to ask this. I'm going to do my best to explain:


      I am making business cards. I have to make several, for 5 people, in 3 different colours each. The logo will stay in the same place, only part of it will change colour. So I just copy the page, and change the colour, right? The weird thing is though, that even though the logo has the same x and y values as on the previous page, when you scroll through the pages, you can see the logo slightly 'hopping' over the page. So, it isn't exactly in the right place, even though the x and y values are the same.


      Has anyone ever encountered this before? Is this just a "you can't be THAT specific in location in small pages" things?


      Thanks in advance,