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    Help with loading External SWFs

    SeedofHope Level 1
      I need to load external swfs into a mc. They will play in sequence, as soon as one ends, the next one will start. When running it blows by the first external swf (start.swf) and the rest of the external swfs will not continue to load and play after the objectives.swf. Could someone take a look at my code and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

      I’ve created controls that will allow me to play, pause and stop the external swfs while they’re playing (however, these buttons do not seem to have any effect on the external swf when it is playing). I think it is a scope issue, but I am not sure.

      Also, there’s a combo box at the bottom, which allows the user to jump to any external swf (it actually jumps to certain labels on the main timeline) at any time. The combo box appears to work OK.

      The FLA is located at: www.digitalhorizonstudios.com/exstream/newplayer.fla

      By the way, this presentation is a fullscreen .exe file when in use, not a swf played in an html file.

      Thanks SO MUCH for any help on this one.