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    Actionscript help w/ components and flv player

      I have one .mov file that i imported into flash, while importing i used the advanced option to add cue points. I labeled each one of them and chose to make each an "event" then continued to import the movie into flash 8. On the same layer i as the FlvPlayback component I added a list component. I have 10 labels in my list. Now I am trying to connect each one of the labels in my list to each corresponding cue point on the FLV movie.

      I need a lot of help with Actionscript. I was told to use the list.change script and the finding cue points script to get my list component to work correctly. I put this code onto the frame with this code into the top layer of my file. Here's my attempt...it's not working...i know i'm missing alot of pieces...please help ASAP. Thanks!

      var my_FLVPlybk bject = new Object();
      listenerObject.change = function(eventObject bject) {
      // Your code here.
      rtn_obj = my_FLVPlybk.findCuePoint("slide01");
      rtn_obj = my_FLVPlybk.findNearestCuePoint(rtn_obj.time, FLVPlayback.NAVIGATION);
      my_list.addEventListener("change", listenerObject);