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    How do I use wipe with 2 different images in elements 14 as it does not wipe the 1st image but shows black


      I have 2 videos that I show side by side and then I want to show a freeze frame with a wipe from the right side of the screen to the left side and then back. I added freeze frame1 from the first video on video1 and freezeframe2 from the 2nd video on video1. I then applied a wipe and set the direction reverse. This seems to work fine. I then added freezeframe2 on video1 right after freezframe2 and then added freezeframe1 next to it and applied a 2nd wipe between these two freeze frames. Instead of moving from right to left and showing the freezeframe2, black is shown instead. This did work before in elements13. Its almost like the wipe doesn't see the freezeframe. I tried deleting everything and starting again, adding and changing the wipe and no luck. It still ends up doing this with the first wipe working as expected and the 2nd wipe showing black wiping to the 2nd freezeframe. Any ideas and thank you so much for the help!