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    Lightroom update definitely a step in the wrong direction!


      I apologize if this has already been posted, but I've noticed several new issues since the most recent Lightroom update:


      1.  When I lower the highlights (which I do on almost every image) beyond about -65, the saturation suddenly goes haywire.  I'm used to seeing the adjustment gradually applied until I reach something I like, but in the case of the highlights, it reaches a point where it suddenly screws up the color saturation. Now I have the extra task of adjusting that. Often I've already adjusted the white balance, and this throws that off too.


      2. All adjustments sliders create a "flickering" effect. Again, I'm used to seeing the adjustment I'm using gradually applied until I like what I see. Now every one of them creates this flickering, which is very distracting. Often I have to arbitrarily stop the slider and wait for the flickering to stop before resuming again.  I have to repeat this until I like the result. Again this is creating extra work and taking much more time.


      3. Adjustment brush often won't allow me to drag it onto the image. I choose an adjustment and brush size and start to move it onto the image, and it stops at the edge.  The brush is actually on the image (although invisible), and if I click the mouse I can see where it is, but I can't see it until I click to apply the adjustment, and most often it isn't where I want it.


      4. I did see this mentioned, but thought I'd throw it in too: HDR Panos almost always give me the message "the image appears to be damaged".  Give me a break. I'm making them the same way I always have...


      This "update" is the only thing that has changed on my system (27" iMac, mid 2011). This is making my life VERY difficult. It's taking me way too long to get through 4 shoots worth of photos so that I can deliver the final images to clients.


      Please fix.