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    InDesign warns about missing fonts in Placed InDesign file

    myDavey Level 1

      Hi, I have 2 InDesign files in the same folder

      File A is the main, and I placed into File B (I.e., File B has File A inside it)

      When I open File A, everything is perfect and InDesign doesnt warn about any errors

      However, when I open File B, InDesign says that fonts are missing - although, the fonts are being displayed appropriately!


      I am using some fonts that are not installed onto the computer, but rather are in the "document fonts" folder

      InDesign is obviously reading it correctly, because File A is not warning about errors.


      What could be the problem?

      Maybe InDesign only reads the "document fonts" folder when the file itself contains the fonts, but when placed, not? (Which would come out a little funny, because on one hand it is warning about missing fonts which means that is sees the need of those fonts, but on the other hand, it doesnt know to go get it from the fonts folder!)



      Thanks in advance,