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    Passing values into included swf files

      I have a parent fla/swf filethat is made up of three other swf files. The three added swf files require complex url values to access a dynamically created xml file (images.xml.php).

      I put the three swf files into the library of the parent project and converted them to movie clips. Placed the movie clips on the stage, but I can't seem to send the flashvar values to the movie clip swf files.

      I've tried statements like:
      this.headerPic1_mc.test_ssp.xmlFilePath=xmlfile+"?fkey="+fkey1+"&imgtype="+imgtype1+"&fkey Name="+fkeyName1;

      with no luck. If I place the headerPic1.swf file by itself onto a web page, and send these vars to it, it works fine.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.