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    How to toggle preference: "Show Start Workspace when no documents are open" via script?


      Hello, does anyone know how to uncheck the "Show 'Start' Workspace when no documents are open" item in General preferences (InDesign 11.3 (2015.3 Release) via script or command? :


      I am preparing to deploy several other settings with CC2015 via .jsx scripts in the startup scripts folder; one setting I was doing was turning off the Application frame (app.generalPreferences.useApplicationFrame = false;)

      I figured this setting would hide the Start workspace but when the startup script runs that command, instead I see more buggy behavior, a random window pops up with info from the start workspace, and then InDesign freezes completely. 

      See attached screenshot3.

      Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.39.42 PM.png

      I can deploy a Defaults file with this setting but have really been trying to get away from that and would love to figure out how to uncheck that box with a command or script...  I've searched around the object model and can't find it.


      Much obliged for any assistance!