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    raw files very very grainy after export in ACR and import in photoshop!!


      Hello. I have this huge problem!

      Using Bridge I choose the raw file I want to modify. I click the image two times and the image is open in Adobe camera raw. Thanks to this program I can modify the photo. When the photo seems ok I click on "open image" and the image is opened in Adobe photoshop. When it is opened here the pic appear very grainy and with an absurd noise!


      I try to convert the raw files with an other program (Digital photo professiona) and the final jpeg is perfect. Only using ACR and then photoshop I have this problem...


      I have observed also that the amount of noise depend of Iso:

      a 100 iso photo seems like a 400 iso photo

      a 400 iso photo seems like a 3200 iso photo

      a 1600 iso photo seems like a 8000 iso photo

      a 6400 iso photo seems like a 25'000 iso photo

      a 12'800 iso photo seems like a 102'000 isp photo


      I have no words.... how to resolve the problem?