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    Using MIAWs to quit movie

      I am working on a project in which I have opened a miaw to ask the user if they truely wish to quit, or go back to the movie. If the user clicks quit again, I need the miaw to close, aswell as the main movie window.

      The close() method works for closing just the miaw, but I can't use the forget() method to close anything.

      Is there a way to close the main window (and miaw) using the forget () method, by clicking on a button in the miaw?

      If not, can you suggest another method for creating a 'page' that asks whether the user truely wishes to quit? I did try creating a marker which goes to the prompt section, which I believe would work if the user chooses to quit. However if they decide to go back, I couldn't make it go back to the page they had previously viewed. If that makes sense.

      Thanks for reading.