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    Can't connect to server

    cree8now Level 1
      I just got Contribute 3 for an iMac using OS X 10.4.6. I'm trying to get it going but after I input the domain name and then the ftp address (per Go Daddy's hosting info for our account), plus the user name and password, it starts to connect. It gets around 80% thru the first bar and then I get this error message:

      "Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Please contact your administrator."

      What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks for your help!

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          I have set up contribute for a godaddy hosting site before, but instead of using the ip address I used the name. I guess it probably doesn't matter because the only difference is I was going through a DNS, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that GoDaddy doesn't use static IP addresses unless you pay for them. For the ftp address I used the address of www.whatever.com.
          So it starts by asking for the url, where you have http://www.blahblahblah.com
          Then it asks how you connect and you say FTP. Then it asks for FTP info and the address I used was www.blahblahblah.com and it worked without problem.