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    wanted to  buy tutorial   adobe elements 14

    Anna Tee

      Hi all helpers.


      Recently purchased Adobe premier elements 14 and  adobe photoshop   elements 14   as a all in one package.

      However this latest version, although Help is  good I  am sick of going to help. every five minutes..  Without  typing out the whole thing I need to buy a proper tutorial

      I am knowable in working the projects, BUT have now changed my cameras to update to hard drive.

      My old tape video camera  used different files ie.  VOB  and many more.

      I need to know what settings to use when I start a project from old DVD,s  also the save and share choices.  I can also put them on FLASH DRIVE. but I need to do both as some people in my age group can only play through DVD.  When setting for a new project  some of the old photos are not 16.9  not  wide width.so very confusing.   My Hard drive camera is Sony alph 6000.  You can see why  I need  a tutorial to cover

      all these subjects .Sorry my question is s long. Nobody here in Rotorua knows anything about it.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I have a free 8 part Basic Training for Premiere Elements 14 tutorial series, as well as intermediate and advanced tutorials, at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.

          *** Premiere Elements Basic Training ***


          If that's not thorough enough, you can check out my complete "Up and Running with Premiere Elements 14" tutorial course at lynda.com. And, if you need a complete reference book for every tool in the program and how to use it, my "Muvipix.com Guide to Premiere Elements 14" is available on Amazon.


          And if you have specific questions, we can help you here or at the free Community Forum at Muvipix.com.

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            Anna Tee Level 1

            I am very grateful for your assistance.  re Premier elements 14s- Will gladly accept the free 8 part Basic Training  for Premier Elements ,and will go on to  "Up and running with Premier Elements 14 tutorial course at lynda ,com.

            Then will buy the "Muvipix Guide to Premier Elements 14 at  .Amazon. I am not young   and have have a long absence with adobe

            making videos and the tec. has changed so much.My biggest worry is with the  file formats  that I ;am dragging off my old DVDs to modernize them . I cannot let my young family get ahead of me.!!

            I really appreciate your wonderful assistance.