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    nudge and wander...more help.

      i posted in site design about this when its really an actionscript issue. im hoping uze guys and girls can help me out.

      i'm creating a website..and i want a small logo to randomly wander about the screen when it is nudged by the mouse and then slow down adn come to a halt. an example of this is on the greenday website (go to tour page) its a small circular logo with a man being electrocuted inside it. green day.

      i am totally new to actionscript so i'd appreciate a bit of help on this one...actionscript is supposed to be easy to understand but im getting slightly frustrated at this problem. i have clipeventss and mouserollevers coming out of my ears!!!

      please help.
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          shyaway Level 1
          didn't i reply to that post or am i outta my mind?

          if you're new to AS, take it 1 step at a time. learn as much about each neccessary classes which i mentioned in other post. once you're familiar, you can then combine your knowledge and create what you wanted.

          if you have programming background in any other language, AS shouldn't be too hard.
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            bB_ Level 1
            thanks for ur patience!
            i'm doing prolog at high school and thought it would be easy enough to transfer over to write actionscript..clearly not....i will go to the beginning of the flash help files and start studying up...