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    I cannot download it on my laptop


      I cannot download Flash on my laptop, I do not understand the instructions provided.

      The help page says I have the up to date version but I clearly don't when I open my Adobe reader to view an interactive document it is prompting  to download the last version of flash.


      Please do not send me the standard link to down flash I have done it too many times and checked my operating system.


      I need an Adobe employee to remote control my computer and just do it for me just like they have done with a program I pay for. I have had enough now it's pathetic that Adobe cannot provide direct assistance because it's free yet you need it alongside all the other programs but cannot get the same quality of assistance?  Instead I have to type out my issue and sift through so many similar threads to possibly get a resolve.

      If you can solve this issue asap would be a great help. Thanks.