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    Unhandled win32 exception occurred in RoboHTML.exe [3632]. after setting style for header in Master Page


      Using RH2015  and MS Word 2010.


      [Version of RoboHelp edited by Moderator. Please always use the correct version name as it helps people with the same problem down the line find a post that may help them. In this case it was referred to as RH15 so a search on RH15 would fail.]


      Using Master pages, more or less from the RH15 EmployeeCare3 sample project.


      I created a new project, imported about 15 pages from that project and modified them to be specific to my project (shared with a half dozen other writers who lack RH experience).


      I noted that the header.footer had additional paragraph marks, which took up additional space in the printed document..

      I saw that the paragraph styles for the header were undefined, so I changed the paragraph style to "header" and set the above/below space to 0.


      This made the topic body content disappear completely -- and then I recived the title as an error:


      Unhandled win32 exception occurred in RoboHTML.exe [3632]



      Any ideas?