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    Robohelp HTML 10 - Formatting Glossary

    Monica ALlen

      In looking at all the comments here, it doesn't seem that Robohelp HTML 10 will let me format the entries in the Glossary. Is this still the case?


      One of the suggestions was to make the Glossary into a topic. But that will not show in the Glossary tab in the generated Webhelp output will it?


      many thanks


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Indeed that is the case. You cannot format the glossary. And it is also correct that if you do want a formatted glossary as well as an ability to have links and images, you would need to create a topic that would serve as the Glossary. And it's also true that you would not be able to place that topic in the Glossary panel. But you could have a toolbar button that would open the topic into the topic pane.


          Cheers... Rick