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    Animating Text / Type

    blackmetalmouth Level 1
      I'm tying to animate a line of text / type in Director and I'm not sure what is the best way to go about it .

      Can someone confirm that I cannot animate type with Director the same way I can in Flash? I know I can make it move and so on, but I want my type to shrink in size as it's animation.

      I know I could make a bitmap of the piece of text, but I'd rather avoid that if at all possible. I thought about drawing the piece of text in the vector drawing tool with Director, but I find that quite difficult. Adobe Illustrator is easier for that, so I drew my piece of text with Illustrator, but I'm having trouble importing to Director.

      Cananyone suggest anything?
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          Yes, animating text in Director is very different from animating text in
          Flash. Director's sprites follow very different rules than Flash's
          symbols. Each of Director's sprite types follow unique rules.

          Text and field sprites have a one to one relationship with the
          originating member. If you alter the sprite, you alter the member. This
          is unique to these sprite types. Consequently, you can't zoom a text or
          field sprite. You can change the rect of the member, but this won't
          change the size of the type inside the member, or sprite.

          The most common methods for animating text are to use a bitmap version
          or to use Flash. Since Flash text is a vector, it will be a smaller file
          size, and it will scale better.

          If you create art in illustrator, you can save that file out as an .swf
          or import it into Photoshop and save it as a transparent .png.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            Lingo can extract a nice antialiased bitmap image of a text member on
            the fly, a typical scheme is to have an off stage composition text
            member who's image is taken, even if one just has to convert each word
            of a few sentenses, it might be worth using a lingo utility

            -- here's an untested sample script

            repeat with i = 1 to member("sourceText").text.word.count
            member("composer").text = member("sourceText").text.word
            n = new(#bitmap)
            member(n).image = member("composer").image -- copy bitmap version to
            new member
            member(n).name = "txt_" & member("sourceText").text.word

            end repeat

            one might manipulate member("composer").rect so the bitmap snapshot is
            just wide enough to acomodate the text, I think it's charPosToLoc which
            would report the width a char range occupies.
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              blackmetalmouth Level 1
              Thanks! I tried the .swf method without luck, and same outcome when I tried the .png way. So I opted for just using bitmaps.
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                blackmetalmouth Level 1
                This lingo method has gone right over my head! I think for the effect I need this type to animate, it's not worth going to all that trouble... especially if it's untested too. But thanks for the input!