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    Lost images..


      I need help!!!!!

      A month ago I imported photos (newborn session) to Lightroom.

      Literally just "import photos" and was done.

      Edited a few of them to send as a sneak peak and then turned my comp (Mac) off as I was going away.

      When I returned, I added more photos to Ligttoom and carried on.

      When I went to finish up the Newborn shoot the pictures are GONE! They were visible but would say "Lightroom cannot locate this file"

      I have spent 2 days searching my computer and I cannot find them.

      Searched by file name, date everything I can think of.

      Even going software recovery for my Lexar SD cards route.

      Do you have any idea as to where I could find these files????

      It's the same way I have always imported and have not had this problem before.


      Please help!!!!!

      Thanks so much.


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          When you import images you have 4 options. Copy as DNG, Copy, Move and Add. When importing from a SD card usually the only options available are Copy or Copy as DNG. With either of those two options you then select a Destination for where the images will be copied to. That is usually a drive connected directly to your computer.

          At the time you imported those images did you have an External drive connected and did you have the Destination set to Copy those images to that external drive?