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    php flash form in externally loaded swf

    ciecierega Level 1
      hi there,

      i've been using a flash/php email form for awhile now and i've had it opening up in a separate window clickable from my site. it's been great and very reliable. it's here: kirupa.com

      however, now i want to integrate the form into my site, and not as a separate pop up window. and i have it so that it's placed as an extrnally loaded swf file within my main index file. so far, it's only working kind of half way. problems are:

      1) won't move on to the second frame of the file when the "send" button is clicked (but does when the form is viewed separate...not externally loaded into the index file) i think it may have to do with this code in the main form movie clip symbol:

      // show welcome screen

      2) although it isn't moving onto the next frame, so that the user can see that it actually went through and sent...sometimes it is sending...although a bit inconsistently. i'm trying to work out one problem at a time, and with this one, i think i may have kind of tired out my server or something for now from all the testing.

      if anyone has any tutorials or codes or any insight to share about putting a php/flash contact form within externally loaded files, i'd appreciate it!

      denise ciecierega