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    Need a help. Please. rendering time of long project.

    Graph Levskiy

      Hi there everyone!


      So im new to the Adobe AE world. I need help. Watched a 100 videos and searched but... I done audio visualisation for my youtube channel and wanna make render of 50min mix. My PC config is 8gb ddr4, intel skylake quad. gtx 960m. So when i trying to render it take so long! 24sec to preview is about 5-7min. and for 50 min it would be around 7hours! my laptop starting heating even after 7min of render. How i can speed up render and what i should do with video size? I rendering in adobe encoder. h.264 - 8mb full HD - readed tips on youtube also for best settings. People please help


      Have a nice day and tons of positive emotions!

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          Graph Levskiy Level 1

          for video size i found nice utility like HandBrake - but i need render from adobe encoder 50min! don't wanna also big size - ao after i will compress with handbrake - but render time is about 10hours. too long and too much. im afraid my laptop will heat too much




          Thanks in advance for everyone!

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Unless your 50 minute video is one shot with the same effects applied to the same shot and there are no cuts it's nuts to try and do that in a single comp in AE. Depending on the effects applied to a single shot render times of several minutes a frame may be normal and expected. The usual workflow for a 50 minute project would be to break that up into smaller pieces, if the effects on each segment are complicated or very slow to render then you render each piece when it is done. If the effects are simple and quick to render you can consider using Dynamic Link to bring each piece into Premiere Pro for final assembly. More than 90% of my AE comps are less than 10 seconds because most shots in the films I produce are less than 10 seconds. Many times my compositions contain dozens of layers and can take up to four or five minutes a frame to render. Most comps are efficiently created composites or motion graphics that will render at the rate of 3 or 4 frames per second. Now days about half my work is 4K and I produce 4K masters that are rendered to HD for final delivery using the Adobe Media Encoder to create an h.264 MP4.


            I'm just guessing that you have very long shots in your comp with some kind of music visualizations. If that is the case at least every time the music changes or there is a break you should break the project into a separate comp then render that comp to a visually lossless format. Since your system is being taxed I would use the Render Cue to render these production masters. When you have all of the pieces rendered I would assemble them into the final project in Premiere Pro, That's the only way you are going to be able to preview the entire edit in real time. Then use Premiere Pro to render the deliverable file. This will save you time in the long run because the Render Cue and output module will render faster than the Adobe Media Encoder because the AME is running AE in the background to do the renders and it's less efficient. The likelihood that a 50 minute render will fail sometime during the render is very high if the whole thing is pushing your system resources. This will also give you time to check each section to see if you like it before moving on to the next section.

            I hope this helps. I would never and have never tried to edit an animate a sequence in AE that was longer than a couple of minutes because it's just too inefficient. I have put an entire feature film in AE to do the color correction, but it was already rendered and it was one layer that was already rendered to a production master.So unless all of your effects are applied to a single video track for the entire 50 minutes, break up the project and render it in pieces.  

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              Graph Levskiy Level 1

              I will try today night render all 50min at onces. If it will not pass - then will do it by pieces. thank You for tip.



              Mines visualisation is all the time changing without breaks or silence because is dj mix. I know that AE is created not for this purposes - BUT! Can't find other option to do this kind of audio visualisation. Another thing is that it is at center and occupied maybe 40% of screen (where is all the time changing) other is simple background - so i searched maybe there is option like render system will static place render like image and only changing region render all the time. Don't know if You understand - hard to explain.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'm not suggesting that you don't do your audio visualizations in AE, I'm suggesting that it is a much better idea to pick a phrase in the music that you want to apply the visualization to and make that a single comp. Render that comp and then do the same for each new phrase in the music. I cut a lot of things to music and a lot of these projects contain a lot of effects. Most of the time most of the effects heavy parts of these projects are eight bars or less in length. Just a few seconds. I edit the final in Premiere Pro. I know it sounds like more work but you get a better product in less time if you concentrate on one effect for one part of the music and then edit the piece together in a NLE.

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                  Graph Levskiy Level 1

                  Thanks anyway! What i mean is here - Mikalao - FRIDAY (Flux Sens Mixtape 003) - YouTube


                  Rendered all night (10 hours) - Thanks for future tips on how to make this kind of visualizer faster render/better quality. Have a nice day!