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    How to convert an Interactive PDF SCORM compliant?




      I have been creating Interactive PDFs to provide solution to traditional learning educators.

      However, was wondering if we could also make an existing PDF file SCORM compliant, ensuring the LMS (Moodle) can track the learner activity like if all pages in the PDF were viewed and integrated videos (in the pdf) have been viewed.

      Thank you for your advise!




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          ms_baker Adobe Community Professional

          Hi GC -


          No, unfortunately there's no direct way to make a PDF document SCORM-compliant. You have to go the opposite way working in Captivate, for example. Via the Captivate route, upload the PDF to your Moodle server so the PDF is viewable in a browser. Then in a Captivate project, insert the PDF using the Web Object Widget so it embeds the PDF in the project.


          In order to pass the value back to your SCORM system, you'd need to create a slide and a button which opens the web object/PDF. I think you have to add one question in order to pass the value to your tracking system.


          By the way - you'll probably find a more in-depth answer on the Captivate forum.