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    Strange behaviour creating PDF/A's - copying text




      We have Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro installed on a high-end Windows 7 Pro PC.


      We have a requirement to create PDF/A's of certain documents. Staff create PDF's from their MS-Word, Excel and CAD applications using CutePDF Writer. They then use CutePDF Professional to merge the PDF's into a single PDF.


      That single PDF is then converted to PDF/A using Acrobat Pro 11.


      Usually, this is fine. We check the PDF/A by making sure we can search for text and can copy and paste text from it to another application e.g. Windows Notepad. This morning we created a PDF/A and the search function failed to find the requested text. Copying text from the PDF/A to Notepad results in exotic characters - strange glyphs etc.


      I have done some searching and have read that special care needs to be taken regarding fonts and that the fonts need to be present on the machine creating the PDF/A. All our documents use Times New Roman and Arial, and these fonts are on all our computers. I have looked at the properties of the original PDF's created via CutePDF Writer and can see the fonts are embedded. I can also successfully search for text and copy and paste text from those PDF's into other applications.


      We have used the fixup tool in Acrobat 11 Pro to check the embedded fonts and it did not report any issues.


      Here's the strange thing - when creating a PDF/A of the same file using the version of Acrobat that came with Adobe Creative Suite 4 (installed on a Vista Business PC), the PDF/A is searchable and text can be successfully copied/pasted.


      Can anyone help us find out what is happening here, please?