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    Custom Scrollbar Align Issues

      I have a problem, when im making a custom scrollbar, everything groups into place and the dragger doesnt center around the scrollbar. Can I make so that the graphic used for the dragger is centered there? Even when im changing the pivotpoint to be centered, when play hits it goes back into the bad reg.point!
      Any solutions?
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          The custom scroll bar behavior in the library palette automatically
          'fits' the scroller graphics to the right of the text being controled.
          It seems to ignore the regpoint, one might be able to padd the
          dimentions by adding pencil tool dots nearly background color to expand
          the dmensions of the scroll ar, chaning it's 'edge' to the pencil dot.

          Turning off shrink white space bitmap member option can preserve bufer
          space around a graphics if you can ge the hang of editing it.