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    Swatch selection in the Toolbar doesn't work?


      OSX 10.11.4

      Animate CC


      I've been using Animate CC for a few weeks now, everything has been working fine until the other day when the swatch window in the toolbar stopped working. This is very specific to the "tools" toolbar. When I access swatches through Window>Swatches, it works just fine. My current work around for the issue is to switch to the "animator" workspace, I've been otherwise using "classic" as long as I've used Flash/Animate.


      For troubleshooting, I've deleted/reset my preferences a couple of times, uninstalled and reinstalled flash (in a new user account) as well as resetting the NVRAM on my Macbook Pro. I've tried deleting the swatches and bringing them back up again which would work for a single paint fill application and then go back to breaking. For now I'm just going to adjust to using the new workspace, but I can't find the logic in the swatches no longer working via the "tools" toolbar.


      Any thoughts, comments or solutions...?


      Thanks in advance!