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    SDK Importer : Thumbnail not generated


      Hi to all

      I designed my custom importer starting from the SDK one.  My file format is compressed 4:2:2 JP2K so I provided functions to decompress.

      Although all work fine when clip is in timeline or when cursor is on clip, I can't display the thumbnail on the project tab.  If I well figured out

      the sdk example, when enabled async import (setting to kPrTure the vidInfo.supportsAsyncIO) in the SDKGetInfo8 function, the thumbnail

      is generated mainly when calling the SDKGetSourceVideo (is called only one time).  In effect if I change the sdk sample clearing buffer

      (frameBuffer in the sdk example) the result is in a black thumbnail when importing an ".sdk" file.

      In my plugin I decompress correctly the frame (I saved it as a bitmap and the bitmap is ok) but the thumbnail is gray like if the function:


        (*ldataH)->PPixCacheSuite->AddFrameToCache((*ldataH)->importerID, o,*sourceVideoRec->outFrame,theFrame,NULL,NULL);


      is not called. My frame format video subtype is PrPixelFormat_YUYV_422_8u_709 and I set the buffer with a 4:2:2 yuv image.

      But there is no way to have a thumbnail. Same result if I clear the buffer: Gray thumbnail, like if AddFrameToCache is not called.

      Any suggestion ?