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    Lightroom mobile iOS - camera RAW support?

    scotth51774914 Level 1

      Just wondering if Adobe will ever update its iOS Lightroom Mobile app to allow you to import RAW photos from an SD card into the iPad Pro using the Lightning to SD card adaptor? I'm thinking of getting one for this purpose but it looks like at the moment you can only do this with Photoshop Express app, but this won't sync with my Lightroom library on my PC. It seems very restrictive and means that the iPad app can only really be used as a companion app to the desktop version.


      Surely with the 64bit power of the iPad Pro the hardware is capable of handling RAW files?


      Is an update in the near future forthcoming as without it I see little point in the app other than browsing through photos that you have put in collections on the desktop version. It's a shame because the iPad Pro has so much potential as a photographer's too.



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          robgendreau Level 3

          iPads rather stink at RAW management. Apps that attempt to work around the inherent Apple limitations in RAW use are few; it's just not a pleasant work flow. Others have tried and given up (see Photosmith eg). Doing one-offs, like Express, are pretty much it.


          Your request is probably better directed to Apple, although good luck with that. The iPad isn't really a good tool for photography, although as you note it could have been. Even apps that attempt to use RAW have to do kludgy workarounds, and I think the only direct import from the card is to Photos. Sigh.


          You might look at Mylio. It can look at RAW on the iPad, but there are some limitations getting that synched with a desktop RAW. But basically Mylio can sync the XMP data and then you use that to transfer the adjustment info.