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    Photoshop Feathered Mask Not Recognized in LR6

    Jay Mitchosky

      Please refer me elsewhere if this has already been discussed, but after several iterations of Lightroom CC updates the issue persists.


      The way I create vignettes in Photoshop is completely non-destructive; I create a marquee outline where I want the edge of the vignette then invert so the selection is outside, and create a curves layer set to multiply to darken the masked edge. I adjust the softness of the vignette using the Feather slider in the masks properties. Works great, except for one thing...


      Lightroom does not recognize the feather. The image preview shows just the hard edge of the vignette mask, and it's not just the preview but if exported or printed. The only workaround is to create a merged up layer in Photoshop; easy to do, but waste of file size. I have tried deleting and recreating the Lightroom preview to no avail.