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    Where has InDesign Preferences 'General' gone?


      Have managed to get rid of the 'pesky' default startup screen by following the instructions (Preferences > General > uncheck it...).

      This works in Photoshop and it also works in Illustrator, great. Gone for good. Back to normal!


      However, I went to do the same in Indesign and Preferences > General > is not listed. At all. Have they moved it? I thought we bought into a suite of programs?

      Each time I launch InDesign I get this Acrobat look-alike white screen with huge file lists and lots of unwanted, unrequested crap about 10 free images from Adobe Stock... etc.


      I just want to open my job and get to work quickly by getting rid of this default bit of fun.

      Hide Start Workspace.jpg

      Where has "General" gone from the Preferences list? It's top of the list in all the other Adobe programs.The instructions for InDesign are just wrong.

      Anybody else having the same rant as me? I am on the latest versions of everything. Anybody out there?


      Preferences General.jpg