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    linking in a pdf


      is it possible to generate a pdf from an excel spreadsheet that has permanent links in the pdf. (eg. when i click on a product on my menu it links to a specific sell in the pdf, then link "back to the menu". i would like this to be permanent on the pdf .)


      for instance , my excel spreadsheet has live data feeds so that the contents of certain cells can chang


      e daily.  when I convert to a saved pdf I would like the person reading the pdf to be able to click on a cell which would link it to another cell within the pdf.

      and then have a cell "Back to Menu"  so that clicking on this cell would bring the reader back to the main menu.


      my pdf file has up to 12 pages so it would be much easier to navigate.


      also I would like to do this on a permanent basis  so that everytime I re-save the pdf the links are remembered.


      thank you

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, you can create links to a specific point in the file. Just use the Add Link tool and you'll see how it works. It's pretty simple.

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            robertf8888 Level 1

            Is it possible to set permanent links between cells

            So that every time u resave the pdf (undo this because the data in the excel file cells gets updated and there fore changes




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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              There are no "cells" in a PDF file.


              I don't know for sure what you mean by "re-save"... If you mean that you generate a new PDF file from Excel, then no, not directly.

              The way to maintain the links in that situation is to use the Replace Pages command on the old file and insert the new pages you created over the old ones.

              The links will then remain in place.

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                robertf8888 Level 1

                Thank you


                I am new to Adobe so thank you for your patience

                So I have updated some of the cells in my excel spreadsheet and created a new pdf.


                Do I save it first under a different name?

                I don't see the replace pages command in the older pdf file

                Not sure if I am looking in right spot




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                  try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  The file name for the new PDF is up to you. It usually prompts you to enter a file name when you create it.

                  The Replace Pages command is under Tools - Pages (or Organize Pages, if you have Acrobat DC).

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                    robertf8888 Level 1

                    Thank you

                    I think I might have figured it out

                    I tried the replace pages and it kept the links


                    Another question. Please


                    I am using approx 24  " back to menu" cells

                    Where you click and the cell and it returns you to the main menu in page 1


                    I am having problems when linking the main menu multiple times

                    For example I linked the whole outline of the menu to each "back to menu" cell

                    What happened is the products or destinations under the menu were over ridden



                    Is there a more efficient way t do the replace pagEs

                    With 1 click


                    I have several PDFs

                    That I replace daily


                    Thank you

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