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    Auto sizing curly brackets showing up in unassigned boxes

    Roy - GCG Level 1

      I have some colored boxes on master pages, on the edges so that the edge of pages matches color of tabbed dividers for the section. Suddenly today, I've been working on variations of this file for a couple of weeks now, those boxes now contain right curly brackets that span the height and width of each box. Each box still has content setting of unassigned, yet the brackets persist. When I change the size of the boxes, the brackets distort to match the new box dimensions. I need it turned off for now and may just recreate the boxes, but I'd like to know what I did so I can undo it. Heck, I can even see a use for this behaviour, but I want to control when it happens.


      Any idea of what I might have done to cause this?

      brackets.jpg brackets 2.jpg