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    ID or AI 2015.3 not starting? solution: revert back to 2015.2


      as i had now troubles for 2 days with the latest updates of indesign and illustrator to version 2015.3 on win 8.1, i finally found a solution. maybe this will also fit to someone having troubles.


      i did everything mentioned in this tread »Adobe InDesign CC 2015 – Program has stopped working https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2066497« with no luck at all.

      please don't get this wrong: this is not about comlaining about false advise or denounce anybody (if so it would be adobe) – at this point a big thank's to all helpers, especialy »Peter Spier«.



      today morning i've first deinstalled creative cloud and programs and made a complete new install (all to newest versions). had some kind of luck with that: cc app and ID/AI where starting

      up again, but: cc app needed between 3-4 min. to show up and ID/AI only started when done via the cc app (alias from the taskbar did nothing). and this was only working while i had a active

      internet connection, without > nope.



      my solution:

      i deinstalled ID/AI but kept everything else to the newest version. then i manually installed the basic versions of ID/AI 2015 and made the updates to 2015.2.


      my result:

      - cc app ist showing up in 8-10 sec.

      - ID is startin in about 3 sec. and is running stable

      - IAI is startin in about 4 sec. and is running stable

      - no internet connection needed


      hopefully anybody can use this infos.





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