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    How do you upload to a website?

    lesh91216413 Level 1

      I have created the presentation as SWF HTLM5 and a Zip. The Zip is recognizable in the My Adobe Presentations folder and there are SWF files and HTML files in there, but there is no way to know which is the correct one to up load.

      My website asks me to '

      upload a SWF file"  or to

      'upload a video' or

      'click to set custom HTLM'


      Please help the whole process is useless if we can not upload a presentation

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          Mayank_M Adobe Employee

          Hi There,


          To you upload your content and play on website you need to publish your Presentation to SWF or HTML5 or both. Once you publish your presentation (say to both) your output folder will look like below :



          Then you need to upload the complete output folder to your Web Server / FTP (where your website files are located). Once you upload whole folder to your server then you need link index.htm (highlighted above) to play the content on your website.


          Let me know if this answers your query. If needed we can connect over call and remote session to explain the same. Please reply back in case you face any issues




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