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    Object Hierarchy Reference Help

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      Dear All

      If I have a MovieClipLoader on my _root timeline on frame1 called MCL and it
      loads a swf file into the movie with the code below:

      var MCL = new MovieClipLoader();
      MCL.loadClip("C:\ Users\ Alastair\ Desktop\ Quiz1.swf","_root.MCL");

      This works fine but how would I refer to the _root timeline of the MCL
      loaded swf within that swf? If I refer to the _root, I am refering to the
      _root of the main movie not the swf _root anymore. For example on the
      MovieClipLoader swf, I have frames that refer to a function as follows:

      A.onRelease = function() {
      _root.Evaluate(1,"A"); <====== SWF root!

      The Evaluate function is on the _root of the swf. The path to me would be
      something like _root.MCL._root.Evaluate(1,"A");

      Please help. I am getting very confused. In summary how do I refer to the
      _root of the MovieClipLoader swf?

      Thanks again.

      Alastair MacFarlane