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    Personalised Wacom preferences not working in indesign


      Just wondering if anyone can help. I've recently purchased a Wacom Intros Pro Tablet and when I try personalise the settings for indesign CS5 on my work iMac it doesn't work. It works for illustrator though and I know it's not the tablet because it works perfectly fine on my iMac at home which was running CS5 also.  I'm using System Preferences to make these changes under the Wacom Tablet section and it remembers my preferences in there that I have selected but these are not recognised when I use indesign.


      I just looked at the version of indesign and it's v7.04, the girl next to me at work has the exact same Wacom purchased at the same time and works on the same version of indesign and she has no issues so i'm thinking this is an Adobe glitch or something with my machine.


      I'm running El Capitan v10.11.3 (again this is the same as my colleague)


      Anyone have any solutions?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I think your primary problem is, that CS5 is not supported on El Capitán. You should be glad, that InDesign CS5 works on 10.11, most people have not such a luck as you have.

          The other thing is that I doubt that Wacom will do any update on their software which will make run anything better on CS5 as it is a very old version now.
          Other software on your computer might have an influence how this software works,, also settings in your preferences might influence it. But I would strongly recommend not to screw around as it could cause to loose the ability to work with your InDesign version at all on your computer.

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            maxinea31938525 Level 1

            Hi Willi, thanks for your response. Yes I think you are right unfortunately as although my InDesign CS5 works, there are many many issues I have on a daily basis with it. I don't think my workplace will be upgrading any time soon though so will just have to make do without or work out how to revert back my operating system.