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    Shockwave Flash Error on FireFox Browser

      Ever since I updated my FireFox browser and Shockwave/Flash media plugs I've had nothing but problems. Everytime I go to a site such as MySpace, upon loging in, or reviewing someones profile.. I recieve an error that says:

      "Illegal Operation in Plug-in

      Shockwave Flash

      The plug-in performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart FireFox.

      [ ] Don't show this message again during this session."

      I have tried everything I know of to fix this issue and have come up short. Anyone else having this problem? Know how to correct it? Unfourtantly, if I ignore the issue after a few more webpages, FireFox locks up and needs to be rebooted (the process shows FireFox still running, and it has to be manually shut down).

      Thanks in advance ya'll,