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    Any Suggestions to Stop Frequent Lightroom CC Crashes on Mac?


      I've just started using Lightroom CC on a regular basis and I'm noticing frequent crashes (spinning beach ball of death, requiring a force quit). LR never seems to crash when I'm in the middle of an edit or, for the most part, any other process, with one notable exception, and I'll come back to that. Generally, I finish what I'm doing – whether it's editing (within Lightroom or a plugin) or scrolling through the library – and I suddenly notice the spinning beachball. A couple of times, it seems to be happening during a mobile sync but, in fact, it must be happening immediately after the sync is complete, because when I force quit and restart or check my mobile device, I can see that the sync was successful. Other than that, I have notice no discernible pattern...other than an annoying frequency.


      I'm running the latest version of El Capitan (Mac OX 10.11.4) and Lightroom CC. I'm having no other crash issues and my MacBook Pro was just checked out at the Genius Bar today and passed all its diagnostics.


      I've notice a bunch of other crash reports here in the forums, but no common thread. All ideas/suggestions welcome!