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    2nd browser window to open?

      Does anyone out there know of a lingo script to display a Shockwave movie, called from another Shockwave movie, in another browser window and have the player go to a specific frame or marker in that movie?
      I've tried "gotoNetPage", it opens a new browser window but I haven't found an add-on syntax that will move the player to a specific frame/marker.
      "gotoNetMovie" is just the opposite, the movie replaces the movie in the browser window where it's called from and goes to the specified frame/marker.

      Can anyone help?
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          THere seems to not be a shockwave counterpart to the go to frame n of
          movie "x" projector syntax. Global variables presist between shockwave
          files, the caller can store the destination frame in a global and have
          the destination movie read it at the start.

          on startMovie
          global skipToFrame
          if integerp(skipToFrame) then go to skipToFrame